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Create and manage the 21th century emails!

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Responsive Emails are so hard to make...

Truth! Even emails that are not responsive are hard to code and display intact in all email clients, many of which have various peculiarities (yea, looking at you Outlook). This is also one of the reasons other email builders are so limited, more design freedom can cause the email to 'break' in some clients.

With RED all that is in the past. Powered by an innovative email code generator and built upon a solid foundation, emails are displayed consistently across all (major) email clients. On top of that, RED offers design options and layout tools unique to any email editor, allowing for a rich email experience on large screens and mobile devices alike. Now, that's a powerful app indeed!

Transicion adaptativa


  • Makes custom mobile email design possible.
  • Brings layout control and precision.
  • Features modern style controls.
  • Solves the margin challenge imposed by Outlook too...

Classes & IDs

A workflow familiar to front end web designers and developers. Apply styles to custom selectors and update common styles with a single click. Rather have it all automated? Then RED Personal is the better choice for you.

Clases e IDs en RED
RED css3

CSS3 Properties

  • Font Families
  • Border Styles
  • Font Style
  • Rounded Corners
  • Paragraph Settings
  • Box Shadow
  • Background Color
  • Measures
  • Background Image
  • Alignment Options
  • Show/Hide Items

Full-width Images!

One image to rule them all

Unchained from rigid templates, design and campaign creativity can run free

Grid Based Design

Email design is all about deeply nested tables, but RED shields you from that complexity. With rows and easy control over the number of columns, it feels like designing for the modern web. Indeed, the columns can stack too!


Ready for Google Fonts

logos de servicios de correo electrónico

Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor and (some of) the other EMSPs are really great but...

Their email builders are based upon a rigid template structure, limiting design freedom. Also, custom breakpoints and style changes for mobile are not offered. On the other hand, their infrastructure for email sending, delivery and analytics rock!

RED was created to be complementary and offer email design freedom through progressive enhancement. The amicable export code RED generously offers is already making friends. Direct integrations are in the works too!

Yes, RED does send emails... intended for content approval, and link or email client testing. For sending RED can be connected to a personal or business email account such as Gmail, or an SMTP server.

Become a pro with our Quick Start Guide!

Our guide and our complementary articles will teach you in an easy and fast way how to manage Responsive Email Designer as a true professional.
You will see how your positioning in the search engine and your users experience will improve!

Responsive Email Designer

Responsive Email Designer1.2

Create and manage the 21th century emails!


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It's true! We won't have headache again by creating responsive emails or campaigns... Thanks RED!

David Fernández

Once that you understand all that you can to do with this app you will realise what a good purchase you've made.

Pablo Sánchez

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