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SEO as You Go!

SEO is often described in mysterious terms such as “The methodology behind improving your website’s search rank.” We like to look at it as “Visitor Friendliness.” If you make the visit a relevant and interesting experience, it will impress search engines and human visitors alike.

It’s a continuous process that you need a buddy for. A buddy that can help gather the relevant data. A buddy that helps you crunch the numbers. A buddy that gives you a neutral, honest perspective. A buddy that never gets tired, and never complains. Website Insight is that buddy — tireless and anxious to help you following every update, change, tweak, or page addition.


Buddy’s got Your Back

Have you ever looked at your web page contents through a search engine's eyes? Ever wondered what a neutral visitors impression is when he or she reads what’s there? Website Insight will help you see. This buddy breaks down your content structure, analyzes meta data, counts and verifies links, summarizes what you emphasized and more.

Website Insight has your back too. This Buddy diligently pointed out the broken links, reported neglected meta descriptions, and listed header information. We just can’t imagine what we would have done without him!


The principal theory behind how a search engine operates is actually quite easy to understand. Sure, the search engines of today use extremely complex ranking algorithms that are changed almost daily, but the fundamental approach to running a search engine has remained the same for years

Elige a dónde van los datos

In-Depth Guidance

Sifting your way through over 70+ data points can be overwhelming when you don't know where to begin. We'll help you by scrutinizing your site and provide you with a list of potential problems. Automagic recommendations help you prioritize which issues need to be addressed first and which ones can wait for a rainy day. This way you know just what you need to do to make the search engines happy.

Having a presence with various social networks can also give your website an extra SEO boost. Take a look at your site's visibility on popular social sites with a fresh overview of likes, followers, friends, back links and more.

Análisis de palabras clave en profundidad

Insightful Keyword Analysis

Keywords are words or short phrases that are core or ‘relevant’ to the content on the page. They are important for accurately describing the page, product or service and (therefore) used for searching by people interested in the matter. Website Insight compiles a comprehensive 12 point overview of the exact usage of the keywords on a page.

How often is the word used, what is the keyword density? How frequently is it used compared to other words or other keywords? Where is it used — in the page title, in links? Are the top words used in crucial areas? One look at the overview and you’ll be high on opportunity caffeine!

Improve your social network presence with Website Insight!

Today , social networks are one of the most important ways to achieve success in internet

Become a pro with our Quick Start Guide!

Our guide, and complementary articles, teach you a quick and easy way to learn how to manage Website Insight as a true pro.
The in-depth SEO analysis has never been easier!


There is no trick to magically rise up in the search results. But as we said before, if you score well on the key factors of “good business conduct”, customers and search engines will appreciate it alike and your rankings will eventually go up. And Website Insight is a nifty piece of software made to help you keep score and maintain healthy neutral perspective.

Website Insight

Website Insight3.0

Easy-to-use powerful SEO software


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It is unbelievable how many factors one forgets while creating a website and also how this amazing app helped me to see, understand and improve.

Miguel Molina

Website Insight updates almost as often as the search engines. It is amazing and it is worth every cent I paid for it. ;)

Elvira Jardiel

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