Platform for Clinical Data to Drive Real-World Evidence Now

3Aware is a real-time software surveillance platform, aiSurveillance (a new market category), for the post-market life cycle of a medical device, with three formerly separated solutions built into one.

Within this first of its kind software platform, three A’s of Medical Device Post-Market aiSurveillance power the solution. Our breakthrough MedTech software uses real-world patient health data and AI to deliver data




, and


for medical device post-market aiSurveillance.

Post Market Clinical Regulations Are Changing

Implications of EU MDR have driven global medical device manufacturers to increase real-world data collection for post-market clinical follow-up (PMCF) as a part of post-market surveillance (PMS). These strategies are critical for planned and existing devices to remain on the market.

Currently, MedTech Clinical and Regulatory teams spend exorbitant amounts of time and money on the real-world data collection to support continued market access. Current patchwork solutions cannot reliably or affordably meet the needs of these teams.

3Aware provides aiSurveillance for medical device manufacturers to save time and money offering Access, Analysis and Alerts for real-world clinical data while giving back time to clinical teams to ensure devices are safe and effective for patients.

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